My Housemates

One of my students sat with me whilst I was at the Library last week. Truthfully or not, he told me that my face looked relaxed and he understood why I took leave after seeing the difference in me. 

I do feel more relaxed. No deadlines, no running after the needs of others every two seconds, time to go to the toilet, time to eat mindfully, working with kids and adults who want to learn, no stupid things to tick off a To Do list. 

And, more time with my friends and my three housemates, and the loves of my life. 

Molly is the first. She is very loving towards me even though she sometimes maintains distance. We have been sharing for ten years come this October. She has calmed her ways throughout the years, and no longer feels the need to roam and own the entire neighborhood. She doesn’t always trust my love for her because we accrued two more housemates after she moved in. 

Max moved in five years ago in September this year. He is very cheeky, highly intelligent and very entitled. I absolutely adore him. He moved in after my first failed IVF cycle and at a point where I thought I was done. He loves people, especially his tribe, and loves dogs. 

Sammy moved in last October. He is an interesting character; a lot like Molly I think. He can be very loving and very aggressive, turning on a whim. Typically confident at home, Sammy becomes very shy outside of the home. He loves all animals and the outdoors. He is a cutie and still finding his place in our household. He believes he deserves all of the attention at all times, physically stopping the other two if be needs to. He stamps his feet a lot when he doesn’t get his own way. 

All three are very loyal and together, we make our house a home. 

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