Just a hippie after all

I have only been home for half an hour. It is 2.12am Saturday morning. I am lying in bed, surrounded by pets, semi-awake after the drive home on dark and dangerous roads. 

I heard about Trump’s missile attacks on the Syrian Air Force base. I heard about Australia’s Prime Minister’s unconditional support of Trump’s unendorsed attack. I have been reading. 

There is that photo in the above link. The photo of a father holding his dead twins after Assad’s chemical warfare against his own people earlier this week. The photo that made me switch off the news and put my head in the sand. 

The photo that is representative of the insanity of our current world. 

What the fuck. How can any compassionate government and its people believe that violence is the solution here. The leader is the issue, maybe that should read the leaders are the issue. 

My heart aches. My soul cries. 

There must be a better way. A healthier way. A more compassionate way. These people do not deserve this; they are people just like us. 

When government isn’t the best answer, what’s left? 

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