Living Your Best Life 

I was blessed to run my first workshop for this year this morning. I felt in my heart, as I designed the program, that it was a good one. My participants today ensured that it was. 

I keep thinking that I will run these programs online, and I can, but what will be missing is that personal, real life interaction between people as they share their stories in the process of reclaiming themselves. The program will still work but what I love most is watching the emotions and ah-ha moments on participants’ faces. Online wouldn’t have that same intimacy. 


I learn too. I think that in our society today, we have lost the ability to really connect with others through storytelling. Watching my participants support each other this morning was beautiful. We are all experts in different fields and when we come together, well quite frankly, the world becomes a better place. 

To succeed, to reclaim our selves, we need to be fearless, even for twenty seconds, to take the risk and jump. 

I love this work. 

I need to learn how to effectively market my product. I truly believe many would benefit. I need to make this a reality. That’s my next goal. Lol. Adding to the list. 

Big love and big thanks to my participants. 

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