The Value of Money 

If you ever needed evidence of the inequality in Australia between the rich and the poor, the emergence of the sink hole in Point Piper yesterday, and the ensuing action and news coverage, is it. 

Our Prime Minister lives a few streets away, and the average house in that area sells for $11 million dollars. I know that sink holes compromise the structure of surrounding land and need to be resolved; however, in the floods last year, here in the Wollondilly Shire, a road was washed away severely restricting access to local residents and has for almost a whole year, not seen any recovery or move to recovery (Broughton Pass).

The media outlets are reporting the inconvenience of the sink hole to local residents even though there is a dual access road. The residents lost their power intermittently yesterday, and part of the side of the road has been closed for work to commence. The resident of the home lying adjacent to the sink hole is overseas. 

Regrettably, the news interviewed the cliche of wealth (blonde hair, pink lipstick, money inflection) who said, “My personal trainer has come, my electricity is off,  and .. now I don’t know what to do.” And an older man who validated his statements by introducing himself as an architect before saying, “… it’s a major hassle …” 

No. A major hassle is when the road you use every day to access home and work has slid away, and you need to take detours that can add an hour to your travel time. A major hassle 

I think the reporter was taking the piss a bit (thankfully) when she reported that some residents were evacuated and fortunately there were hotels at “Double Pay” before quickly correcting herself, “Double Bay” (an affluent part of Sydney). And, the team in the Sunrise studio, continued to take the piss as they read the advertisement for the house on, and blamed the Chinese for the sink hole as a way of getting an entry point house in Point Piper cheaper. 

At any rate, the coverage of the sink hole has been intense, and in my mind, seriously exaggerated. 

Do I have too much time on my hands at the moment? I think yes would be the safe bet. Lol. Hang on, my personal trainer is here and I’m blogging, and I don’t know what to do! 

2 thoughts on “The Value of Money 

  1. I used to take that road home too and cannot believe that no work has commenced yet. I am also really disappointed that the Inn which is one of the oldest in Australia hasn’t been able to be rebuilt because the insurers have reneged when they initially said they would cover storm water damage. That place has been operating for something like 170 years, just so sad. Obviously though that lady’s personal training sessions must take precedence – what can you say except… FFS!

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