How do you live in your home?

A great blog post that will make you really think about how you live in your home and what your priorities are.

Simply Organised. Simply Beautiful.

I came across this article through Domain last week and shared it through my Facebook page. It has been playing through my mind since, so I thought I would delve deeper and share my thoughts.

In short, a study was conducted by UCLA’s Centre on Everyday Lives of Families (CELF). It studied the way 32 families live and how they use their homes.

  • Only 25% of families can park their cars in their garage.
  • Women feel stressed by messy/cluttered spaces.
  • The desire to bulk buy items creates more clutter in the home with the need to purchase more items to store these extra items like a second fridge/chest freezer or shelving.
  • Each child brings 30% more clutter into the home.
  • Despite spending up big on pools/spa’s/cubby houses/trampolines/outdoor furniture etc, only 25% of adults and 50% of kids use the outdoor space.
  • People also complained about not having enough downtime, yet…

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2 thoughts on “How do you live in your home?

  1. The first two and the last one resonate with me. The one about bulk goods not so much. I have started buying more of the items we use regularly (like toilet paper and rice) in bulk in an effort to reduce waste via a reduced amount of packaging, but not to the extent of needing more storage.
    We have recently (after much saving) had our deck installed. We have had it for a week now and been on it most days (days over 40 degrees don’t count). We are having the awning installed today and tomorrow and cannot wait. I definitely see this as true for many other families, but we are big lovers of our outdoor spaces. 🙂

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