Joy Rediscovered 

I needed to take some time away from teaching this year after the trauma of the investigation last year. Pushing through every day amidst doubt and uncertainty, pressure and strain took its toll on me. By the end of last year, the thought of returning to my job was enough to make me want to jump off a very tall cliff. Even as recently as two weeks ago, anxiety filled me when I thought about work. 

Ironically, anxiety also consumed me when I thought about money not coming in regularly. But, I’ll get by. 

My tutoring started this week. Working with one adult as she writes her memoirs, a young boy on Reading and Writing, and a young girl on Maths, has reconnected me to the essence of teaching. 

When you take away the administration, the formalised testing, the behaviour concerns of kids, what you have left is pure magic: people moving to be the best version of themselves. 


And to be able to facilitate this is such a divine gift. 

Teaching is one part knowledge and content, and nine parts inspiration, empowerment and enabling growth. 

It is a magical process. 

I have had a couple messages through text, Facebook and email this week, letting me know that even after one week, I am missed. And I miss the kids, staff, and the magical chemistry of learning and teaching. Even after only one week, I know I will return to my classroom to teach kids. I miss the play. 

I wish the government could see how much they have corrupted education with their unreasonable demands on teachers. I think if we were empowered/enabled to just teach and do what we do best, our kids’ results would soar. 

I never thought I would enjoy tutoring, especially as much as I have this week. Maybe it’s just my specific clients, maybe it’s the process, maybe it’s just what I was born to do. 

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