It is so easy to forget to trust that things happen the way that they are meant to, especially when we are anxious and worried. But so important to trust it and to remember to trust it in times of anxiety and doubt. 

I had a massage and some foot reflexology on Monday. Tuesday brought out the beginnings of a head cold and I slept most of the day. Wednesday saw more sleep and today, whilst more motivated, I’ve still slept. I’m blowing my nose still but not as lethargic. 

I have things to do. I was feeling anxious. At some point today, I stopped feeling anxious about it all. At some point today, my centre breathed deeply and grounded itself. At some point today I started feeling calm. 


When I am supposed to have energy I will. Today, I also realized that I needed to enjoy this time without work. It won’t last and then I will recommence long hours. 

Casual teaching, because I am really missing being in the classroom. And so relieved that I am missing it. 

Book writing, about my reckless gap year/mid life crisis. 

Building my business, preferably with online courses. 


Living. Traveling. Reading. Exploring. 

Yes, important to trust that all is as it is supposed to be. 

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