Moving Forward

Life really is two steps forward, one step back, but at least the motion is forward and I’m not treading water, or drowning. 

I’ve just sat down to look at my finances. If I work 6 days as a casual teacher each fortnight from the 16th February I will be able to meet my financial commitments without going into my savings. However, if we look at my travel plans, most of them falling during term time (i.e. no work) it’s not as clear cut. 

That is without taking into consideration the meditation classes I want to start facilitating, my group workshops, and tutoring (thank you Karyn for forcing my head out of the negative). I may not have savings at the end of next year but I’ll have had a great ‘gap year’. 

So, seeing the new year in in Eden, cruise in late January, Perth in February, surgery in March/April (I will aim for holidays if I have a choice), America in June, Uluru road trip and wellness retreat in September, Vietnam and Cambodia in October, and Morocco somewhere in there. Starting back full time work at the beginning of December. 

I think I’ll engage in some travel writing lol. 

What a year! For the first time in a couple of weeks, the fear has absconded and the excitement is back. 

Bring on an exciting (fingers crossed) 2017!

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