Having most of the family here on Saturday has made me realize how small my home is but more importantly, how much stuff I have. And, I think, most of it isn’t vital or even necessary. 

I want my life to change. It has been work-focused/heavy for too long, probably since coming home from Europe in 2010. Finishing my Masters whilst working full-time didn’t help the anti-social lifestyle I adopted to get it all done. Moving last year forced me to downsize but I think it is time to cull again. 

These last two weeks of 2016 are going to see me rearrange my space and remove unnecessary bits and pieces. Myculling will focus on leaving the things that will support and enable the rebalancing of my life, and I will remove the things that do not support this end. 

It will be interesting to see if my will is as strong as my desire lol. And, if I can find some creative storage solutions. 

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