A Moment

There are moments that dredge up all of your normal paranoias and fears. One of them is the moment of waiting when life is in transition. 

I finish work tomorrow. By mid-February (hopefully) casual work, writing, travel and building my business become my new normal. But tonight, waiting for tomorrow to end, and relaxation and release to begin, I am experiencing a moment of … something. 

Negative self talk, doubt, exhaustion, have crept in. Yoga helped calm the mind but not silence the voices. 

I know they will stop. I know my life is waiting for something wonderful to grow. I know this moment will seem really stupid very soon. 

But I wanted to acknowledge it. 

Recording a life’s journey is not easy. I questioned writing this. I’m having a weak, feeling sorry for myself moment. We all have them. [I hope, oops] Even strong, resilient, courageous people have moments where they aren’t. 

Suffice to say, it’s okay. I’m human. Tomorrow will be different. Change is imperative for growth. And I finally realise my worth, and that has lead to me believing I have the right to live my best life doing things that bring me happiness. 

After all, that is the purpose of life. 

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