Cleaning Therapy

It was a very warm day yesterday. The perfect day to get out of the confines of the house and organise the back yard. I have a vision for my back yard; a sanctuary for healing. 

The process is cultivating mindfulness and patience. Usually I decide something and want it done straight away. I am at peace with the evolution of this project. 

Buying my own lawn mower has been liberating and empowering. I love being responsible for my lawn’s maintenance. And, as a control freak, I like controlling what it looks like. 

Yesterday, I built two planter boxes I purchased before India, and an outdoor setting I have had since April. Today I head to Bunnings for potting mix, and a few other bits and pieces. 

I find that when I am otherwise occupied, my brain still functions in the background, sorting out other bits and pieces, and processing all of my random thoughts. I generally regard myself as a positive person. Yesterday’s background processing threw up something for me to consider. During the past week I have responded with negativity to a lot of conversations that didn’t require the negativity. 

Why was I negative? 

I’m in transition. Life as I knew it is done. Life as I want it, isn’t quite manifested yet. I’m in transition. The uncertainty, impatience, being sick, being frustrated, resulted in a negative tone. 

Life is short. I live a blessed life. Negative has to stop. I need to be more conscious and more present. Hello to this week’s resolution. 

Off to clean the interior of my home, significantly messier after the external clean yesterday. I used the blower near my pot plants and, with the back door open, soil came dancing in. 

😜 my brain was otherwise engaged hehe. 

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