Victim Shaming & My Shame

I did the unthinkable today. I picked myself up, but oh my. 

I am studying Go Back To Where You Came From with Year 12, focusing on Discovery. We were talking about something that triggered from the first episode which lead to my recent trip to India and different cultural attitudes, treatment of women, etc. I spoke about the security checkpoints at the airports and different treatment of men and women. 

One of my students shared the anecdote of two of his female friends, one of whom was spat upon as she walked through the airport. 

My response was, “What was she wearing?”

It took me a second, wherein my question was answered, before I exclaimed, “Oh my god! I just victim shamed.” 

I was mortified. I then turned on my student, as you do in moments of your own shame lol, and asked, “Why didn’t you tell me off!?” 

He said that he had thought about it, but … 

I am so meant to be better than that! I guess, if anything positive can come out of it, my kids realise I am human (goddamnit), and that it is important to be cognisant of what we say and own our own ignorance. 

What a lesson! 

2 thoughts on “Victim Shaming & My Shame

  1. We are human and products of our own conditioning. You did a great job acknowledging. Also you have travelled where what you wear is a cultural thing too. Good on you for giving Go Back a try….such a hard text for our kids (in my context) to move beyond character discovery/ the obvious ones and into the constructedness of the text and audience discovery.

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