Head Cold 😢

Ahhh the joys of emotional processing and being coughed over by a sick toddler. 

I have the morning off before heading out for more sight seeing this afternoon – the waterfall and sunset. I fly out from Kangra tomorrow early afternoon, back to Delhi for my flight home at 10.30pm tomorrow night, arriving in Sydney on Thursday night. 

What an amazing two weeks! 

I have met some incredible people, seen some amazing things, done some amazing things, and learned about myself more than I thought was possible. I have made some progress on developing my ideas for the sort of life that I want, and it isn’t what I came here from. I was already feeling that way. 

But the difficulty is making the changes. 

Small steps, small steps. 

I no longer find joy in aspects of my teaching career; those parts need to change. I am most joyous when writing, learning and teaching ( but not necessarily in a school). I would like to develop my business but I’m not entirely sure in which direction; I think maybe more focus on meditation classes and group projects than counselling alone. But I’m open to whatever the universe is ready to show me. 

I must say that the aspects of my career that I no longer find joyous have nothing to do with the kids; I adore the children and value my interactions with them, but these days, this is the smallest part of teaching as a career. 

A time for deep inner reflection before arriving home and taking action. Only I have the power to create the life that I want and that I deserve. Empowering realisation, beyond the logic of it alone, and terrifying. 

The changes will require the shedding of the identity I possess, and I remember when I first got rid of my dreads, that that was challenging as well as liberating.  I think too, it will be difficult for those who know me. It might appear that I’ve lost my senses. I will need courage as well as conviction. And I will need patience. 

Mama Mia! 


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