Today in Notes 

Sometimes …

Just being here is amazing. 

Smell of smoke combined with exhaust slightly. Warmth of the sun on the skin; cool without the sun. A crispness. Blue sky. Jagged outcrops, pine covered hills. Foreign tongue, mostly male. 

Dressed up driver – contrast to yesterday. Big broad smile. 

Birds gliding. 

Little English. I’ve had breakfast. They are all confused. Trying to please. Completely unnecessary – I’m sold on this place. Toilet paper in a bin. Heating up the water. Mould everywhere. Construction sounds. Birds. A breeze that has no touch on the skin. Seen in the flags fluttering. 

Always, dogs barking, many dogs. At what? At whom? 

Madam. No Tina. When did I become this old? A tickle in the throat, sometimes escaping into a dry cough.

Four old Tibetan women walking, laughing broadly. Contagious. Freedom of spirit. Colour. Acceptance? Western interpretations with western bias. 

Dalai Lama’s Temple. Serene. Incense. Injustice of Tibet. Tenth Panchen Lama still missing. Tribute to fallen, to sacrificed. Tourists loud – request for silence dismissed. Reverence for those praying. 

Tibetan community. No words. 

Monastery. There is a different way to live. I think the west has its wrong. We have sacrificed our spirituality for materialism. Did we ever have spirituality? Or only dogma? We have lost the simplicity in spirituality. The ritual. The meaning. I feel it’s loss here. 

Signs on the roadsides:

Fast drive could be your last drive

Slow drive jolly drive 

Drive carefully avoid accidents 

Every accident is an act of negligence 

Drive slow and enjoy the scenery; drive fast and join the scenery

Mountains are pleasure if you drive in leisure

Water Temple: not knowing what to do, looked at- only westerner, offerings made, hair, selfies, Facebook and instagram, koalas (thanks Mel), shoe protectors, ringing of bell? Touch feet –> head and heart on own self, more monkeys 

Note: cricket stadium rules 😂

St John of God’s Church – Anglican not catholic, gothic architecture, prefer the temples. 

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