Body Talk 

As anyone who has ever dropped in here knows, I have always had huge problems with menstruation. This is what this post is about. It might not be for you so feel free to stop reading at this point. 

I started seeing a Body Talk practitioner in April or May. I didn’t know much about it but after my first session I was hooked. My practitioner, Mel, uses Body Talk as a base and has/is developing her own, very intuitive style, encompassing more than Body Talk. 

It is highly effective. 

Perspective. I have never known periods without huge blood flow, cramps and migraines. I managed to get the PMS under control in terms of emotions but Body Talk has eradicated the physical signs. It has also stemmed the bleeding. 

For the first time in thirty plus years, I have had consecutive ‘normal’ periods, as described by my sister who has never had my type of period. I still have migraines (we will work on those next if the magnesium fails). But heavy blood flow, excessive bloating, continual discomfort – gone. 

Mel is amazing as a healer. If I had known earlier, I would have used it earlier, and for my IVF cycles even though I trust I am exactly where I am meant to be. 

If you want her number, message me. 

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