Balance is a Choice

I did no school work – no preparation, no marking, no thinking – the entire two week school holidays. This is a first for me. I wasn’t away somewhere. I was at home. Unheard of. But I managed to get a lot done around the house, not everything but a lot. 

And, going back to school last week I felt sensational. Relaxed, happy, cheeky. 

With a new puppy, I’ve also left for work a half hour later and am getting home hours earlier. A week in, I still feel sensational. Add to this #100happydays and I’m at the point where I am so darn grateful for my life, I could be posting photos every other minute every day. 

Yesterday, Saturday, I had a facial and then grocery shopped and then came home and cleaned out my back yard. Made dinner for mum and caught up for a few hours. 

Today, marking and preparation and reports. But where I would usually resent this imposition into my life, today I don’t. I’m looking forward to it – almost. 

I’ve found balance. By choosing to make it a priority. I have realised that my job still gets done. I work smarter and I genuinely don’t care if I’m a little behind because IT WILL GET DONE. Maybe not to my usual perfection standard but well enough AND I get to enjoy my life. 


All you teachers out there, choose happiness, choose life, and don’t feel guilty. We aren’t paid nor respected enough for guilt. 

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