Forcing Necessary Change

Like most weekends, I have a monumental amount of work to do for work. I also have my study. What is different to most weekends this weekend, is that I am forcing some balance back. 

And it isn’t easy. 

But I haven’t been happy. I’ve had one illness after another, all minor but have rendered me useless for life. Close to three weeks over and beyond the last holidays I was sick. 

There had been no balance prior to that time which left me fatigued and stressed, resulting in an emotional break, forcing my body to evict months of stress. 

I am not sure who said it, but they were right: you can’t expect different results without changing what you’re doing. So, I am attending a High Tea in Sydney with girls I went to school with. Most I haven’t seen in twenty eight years. 

Yep. We are that old. We have lived that much life. And I’m a bit excited. I’m looking forward to the drive in with K. And I’m looking forward to seeing faces that helped raise me. I’m a little scared but only because … Well, because that’s who I am. 

Forcing the change. If I want balance I have to get used to things not being done immediately and possibly, eeeek, not being the perfectionist I always strive to be in matters related to work and study. 

This will be interesting …

Wish me luck 🙏🏻

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