The Ironies in Life

I consider myself reasonably spiritually evolved; I understand how I need to live my life and am happy to share my experiences with others, especially the growth ones. I understand that balance is important for health and happiness. I know this. Like, more than I know anything. 

So, ask me how I’ve spent the first five days, going into six, of my holidays. 

Hey, Tina, how have you spent the first five days of your holidays? 

Sick. Different ailments each day. But, sick. I’ve postponed some plans, struggled through others, paid for it both ways. 

I’m listening to my body. I’m changing up my diet. I’m focusing on breath. 

I knew this was coming though. And I did nothing. Obviously applying the theory in my own life is lacking. 

Maybe it’s just keeping me human. 

At any rate, if you are feeling burned out, missing balance, feeling blah – STOP what you are doing and do for yourself. Make you the priority. 

I didn’t and I’m paying for it. Albeit with a wry grin, but still – another day of not much ahead of me. 

The other day I went into the bush. Here are some pics …

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