Living the Charmed Life

So, my posts are down to one a week. I have been so busy working but also preparing my workshops Writing to Heal, which start Tuesday night. Ironic that as I start my workshops I no longer maintain my blog daily. 

Or not. 

I have walked the walk. For the last two years my blog has been my journal. It has been my healing writing. 

I am happy. My life is shifting. I envisage the life I dream of living becoming a reality. It’s exciting, and terrifying, all in one. 

As of Tuesday, the first big step in leaving teaching becomes real. I have given myself five years to build. If it doesn’t, then I’ll need to look elsewhere. But I think it will build; I don’t see that it won’t. At any rate, I’m on the path that I am meant to be on. 

Preparing my workshops doesn’t feel like work. 

Anyway, I’m not giving up my blog but it will be taking a back seat for a while. My business is my priority and I’m still a full time teacher/head teacher. 

Thank you to all who have followed and read regularly, to all who have sent me kind words, to all who have engaged. 


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