Day 8

Ah, Mother’s Day.

Very mixed emotion day for so many. It highlights the loss of mums, the inability to be a mum, regrets as a mum, regrets of things we haven’t said or been able to share with our mums, as well as the value and importance of mums. 

I am grateful today for my mum. She had a very rough time raising three girls with minimal money. She was always willing to take in our friends, and to find ways to make what we did have, stretch further. In my adult life, she has been a huge support and is usually the first person I share with. I love her always. And probably do not tell her that enough, or that she is perfect just as she is. 

Today, I am also grateful for five sisters that belong to one of my very good friends who, without fail, every Mother’s Day, remind me that they love me. They do not have to do this it choose to, and I become overwhelmed by their genuine love. 

I truly am blessed. 

A hard day in so many ways. A day to stay away from Facebook. A day easy to be lost focusing on what is not

But, I choose love. And kindness to myself. And focusing on the many beautiful people who share my life. 

I choose to focus on what is

I wish the same for you; a day of gratitude for what we do have even if it is not all that we would have liked to have.


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