Day 6

Warm weather. Sunlight. A sense of humour. People more insane than I am. And the ability, with Belinda, to keep a school entertained with nothing but a microphone, our brains, our friendship and a coin. 

I have not achieved my To Do List this week, no where near it. But that’s okay. 

My Year 11 class are writing some wonderful creative pieces. Year 12 wrote some good essays for Module A. Year 10 are focused on learning, and Year 7 are understanding the concept of context. My children are mostly happy and their teacher feels that we are learning well together. 

The school’s 25th Birthday plans are moving along. And I pick up my new car on Thursday afternoon. 

I am in Sydney tomorrow with one of the besties for some professional learning, and the social agenda is full. 

Things could be a hell of a lot worse. 

They aren’t. 

I’m grateful. 

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