45 Down 

Forty five years gone. But man, feeling so blessed to have lived them as intensely and as authentically as I have. 

There have been a lot of bad, even traumatic times. There have been infinitely more beautiful moments. This kid has done well for herself thus far. 

My life isn’t perfect, but it’s close. 

I have learned so much. And I have travelled. I have read. I have written. I have photographed. I have experienced. I have fucked up. I have succeeded. I have loved. I have been hurt. I have suffered. I have fought. I have won. I have lost. I have cried. I have screamed. I have felt. 

I have laughed. 

And I have laughed. And laughed some more. 

This birthday is a turning point. I feel it deep into my core. I will continue learning and suffering and everything else … But I will also be creating the life I yearn to live. 

I envision a business. A place people come to heal and to be whole. A safe place. A place that has a spirit that just keeps giving. 

I envision peace. And tranquility. And hope. And divine happiness. 

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