I have so many thoughts running around inside my head. And by so many, I mean too many. Explains the headache methinks. Not all negative and not all positive. And not in any type of order. 

1. I heard back from the tattoo studio. No appointments until 2017 with Mark Nara for my chest piece. I am excited. A mark for turning 45. It will be a pretty and highly elegant tattoo.

2. I love the kids at my school. I was at the local shopping centre this afternoon and picked up two feral on my journey. They followed me from shop to shop, to the extent that I was telling shopkeepers about being stalked and the girls telling them that I was their mother, then calling me Miss. I love the kids. 

3. Resignation. Anxiety. Frustration. Anger. Nausea. Headache. 

4. Must apply for car loan. 

5. Must make doctor’s appointments. 

6. Google Classroom is amazing. I love it. 

7. Hope the tour company get back to me with a date for my Year 11 class excursion to Newtown so I can organise it. We are going to learn about the street art on our journey and spend the afternoon in a park writing. 

8. I have to write a blurb for the Annual School Report. 

9. Yoga tomorrow night. Do I get a massage first? My whole body is so tight and sore. Maybe hot stones. 

10. I should finish one of the three novels I have started. 

11. I should sort out my business stuff. 

12. I should I should I should. 

13. Sigh. HBN. You are still with me every single day. ❤️💕❤️

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