Four days of Tina time. No interaction, face to face, with anyone else, and minimal other interaction. Time to dig deep and find my voice to follow my path. 

I have watched Series 3 of The Newsroom and ALL of the Twilight movies. And for the first time in months I have spent hours writing adolescent fiction. I now have three novels I am in the process of finishing. 

A few obstacles encountered in the writing process but I have overcome each one. If only life were that easy. Maybe it is. Maybe the obstacles I’m encountering is as a result of not being able to let go, breathe, and trust that my life is exactly where it is meant to be. 

I also watched Super Soul Sunday and Adayashanti was speaking about the trust needed to just be, and to let your life flow in the direction it is meant to. Our reluctance, resistance, causes the friction which leads to pain. It makes sense. I’ll try it this week and see … 

Happy Easter! A time for resurrection … 

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