The Positive in Crisis 

We all (I’m sure it is all) have times when one thing after another doesn’t go as expected. Generally, I am a firm believer that like bushfires, these times serve to regenerate our lives, our passions, our directions. 

I also know that it is always easier to remember and believe this as you are coming out of the crisis or after the crisis, rather than when you are immersed in the crisis. Hallelujah though, for that moment when you do start to move forward again, scraping off the mud you are layered in, remembering that now is a time of fertility. An opportunity to recreate your life. 

I am grateful for that tiny seed today. But after three weeks, how did I get here. 

I don’t know. Maybe …


Four days of Easter. 

Success in my classroom. 

A clean desk.

A great meeting yesterday. 

A massage after work. 

Expressing my feelings, albeit in my blog. 

People reaching out. 

A lazy day. 

Time with Max and Molly. 

The death of Tashi and of a friend’s friend. Reminders that life is short and regardless of what happens with my current crisis, I do have control in my life. 

An email about upcoming Alana Fairchild and Lucy Cavendish workshops in Berry. 

A reminder that I’m going to India.

Time out and by myself. Not having to be anything for anyone else. 

Who knows. 

But it’s happening. And that’s all that matters. 

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