A Catch Up Before Yoga 

I am sure that you have all experienced that moment of complete darkness that sometimes descends during life. Something bad happens, usually unexpected, and you are knocked off your feet and scrambling for air. 

It has been two weeks today but I feel like I have found, finally, a fresh pocket of air. I am exhausted. I have soldiered on. I can see some blessings in my life. 

In the darkness it is easy to feel that everything is lost. That life will never be the same; you are forever changed, bruised, damaged. The darkness tells lies. Yes, we change, but we control whether life defeats us or embraces us. That is our birthright. 

It is our attitude that makes the difference. 

And we control that. 

We are allowed to wallow, to cry, to throw a tantrum, to shut ourselves away, to feel overwhelmed, to not change out of our pyjamas, and to hate the world … As long as we occasionally turn our face towards the sun to let its warmth caress our cheeks. As long as we try to remember that all pain is temporary, and that we will survive. 

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