I believe that within each of us is an insurmountable power to transform our world. Not necessarily the world world, but our part of it. 

I also believe that we each have the responsibility to do this. 

But fear can stop us. Being separate is not easy. 

But it is vital. 

I had a dream when I was a little girl. I don’t think I will ever forget it. It terrified me. 

It was dark. I could hear marching. Boots clicking on the ground. Everything was quivering. I was scared. I heard noise as the boots moved closer. I stepped out of bed into the middle of a vast battlefield. A child in a white nightie. Rippling in the breeze between two opposing groups. They continued marching until they descended into each other. And I stood there. People falling around me. I put my hands to my face and scream, “Stop!” And they do. And my hands leave my face, stretching out to ward them away. And then I spoke to them about peace and love and sameness. And the fighting stopped. 

My whole life I have been fighting. It isn’t enough. When I was younger, even as a young teacher, if I saw something wrong I would point it out. As an adult I have picked my battles. I thought I had matured. I think I just became aware of consequence and then, of fear. 

Malala was named after a warrior girl who died in battle. She has lived her namesake. 

Our world is far from perfect. I am far from perfect. 

Both can do better. 

Tina is going to do better. God love her hehe 😜

Will you join me? 

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