Taking Control Back

One of the first things I ask people or say to people suffering from anxiety/stress is what can you control?

This past week one of my greatest issues has been that I have no control in a situation that I am in. The shock caused trauma which led to severe anxiety that resulted in some time away from everything. 

As a result, today I find that I have regained my fighting spirit and have reentered the world of the living – to a point. I’m still unsettled in the belly but the nausea that I have felt intensely since last Thursday has passed. And I have taken my own advice and taken control over some things in my life. Unrelated to the cause of my recent anxiety but pertinent issues in my life. 

My car broke a little this week. Suffice to say, the love of my life is being moved on lol. I can control that decision. And I can let go of something I love (I know it’s only a car, but it’s my dream car that’s now costing me a fortune). 

It was important to regain some control over something. It reminded me that I have choices and that I am a human being. Systems and processes are dangerous things when they fail to protect those that need protection. 

And I have made a pact with myself that I am going to fight systems and processes that are just wrong. 

Starting with my beloved Tiggy. 


9 thoughts on “Taking Control Back

  1. I admire your perseverance and strength – it’s unyielding – and can’t be quashed by anyone. You just seem to have a perpetual supply. I’m sorry that anxiety has been slowing you down but I support you in your fight against the corrupt systems and processes. Hugs xx

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  2. It sounds as though we may have some of the same triggers. My anxiety is the worst when I feel as though I have very little control of my life. The weird thing is that my anxiety will show itself in different ways. I’ll actively look for something to gain control over like clean/scrub the place from top to bottom, or I will shut down, or I will grab the biggest book I can find and go live in that world for awhile (or disappear into a music world) until I feel as though I can get a better perspective in this one.
    Meanwhile that Lewis Carroll quote is one of my all time favourite literary quotes 🙂

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