There are moments as a teacher when you, in the moment, realise how blessed and privileged you are to be able to teach. There are also moments when you question your sanity but that’s a post for other days. Lol. 

Today, I had a run of moments. Small things that really made today a special day. And I didn’t realise at the time that they were contributing to a blessed day. It’s only now, exhausted, as I go to bed that I have realised. And need to share. 

I handed out notes to the kids in the playground at lunch. I didn’t see the notes on the ground later. The kids came to me to get one of the notes. 

A student who tells everyone how much she hates me, needed me, begged me, implored me, to be her support person in an interview with our Deputy Principal and Relieving Principal. I know, she loves me deeply; I have always known. 

Three of my Year 7 students put their hands up to speak at Year 7 2017 Information Night. They killed it. 

One of our band students performed solo, admitted he was nervous, and was amazing. One of our Year 12 students admitted she was nervous before playing, and killed it. The smiles on their faces as they heard the applause melted my heart. 

A parent waited to speak to me after I ducked away from the Year 7 Meet the Teacher barbeque to go to the toilet because, “If I didn’t meet you I would be in trouble when I got home. I had strict instructions to meet you.” 

One of my colleagues and I exchanged a look during a speech. No words required, because we knew what was being said. Words unnecessary. 

Not a good day necessarily, but a day when I can reflect and feel love in my heart because I get to be in the lives of these children, and have so many of my colleagues double as my friends.

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