Health and Weight Loss

I decided to shift my perspective from losing weight to getting healthy. I bought a treadmill and I started yoga. I’m mostly watching what I eat but eating normally so that any success can be maintained. 

I occasionally have been receiving comments like it looks like I’m losing weight. Talk about emotional obstacles. I appreciate the acknowledgement of the results of very little real effort; shift in focus/attitude mostly. But I end up eating crap every time. My brain wants me fat. What is that about!

Moving on, hoping that internationally stating it will fix it (fingers crossed). I am starting to like my physical self though. And that’s the yoga and the wonderful instructor who sets such a tone of acceptance and inclusion. I wore something I once wouldn’t be caught dead in and I didn’t hate myself. I dug deep and found courage and then acceptance of my body as it is. I was still a little self-conscious but only temporarily. 

Bizarre times.

I’m sure it’s the yoga. I get home and love my face – clear, open, fresh, beautiful. 

Huge growth happening here folks. 

Might even find some worth in myself soon hehehehe. 

12 thoughts on “Health and Weight Loss

  1. When we lose weight our bodies may plateau for a week or so. This is a re-evaluation period for our bodies to see why we are losing weight. Maintain a healthy diet and our bodies will resume losing the weight it needs to. Glad you are getting your confidence. Keep up the great job. 🙂

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  2. Excellent that you’re loving yoga. There’s still some resistance for me in terms of a commitment to weight loss. Seems so easy right? Eat properly and exercise. Nope! Not for me anyway. I’m very happy to hear there’s huge growth happening AND I want you to do a write up for my Metamorphosis Mondays. Please send me your email again. I’d like to send you an email today 🙂 xx

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  3. I think a lot of it is about mindset and deciding to love yourself. Recently I haven’t been eating that well, but I have made a massive change in another area of my life that will make a huge health difference so for the moment I am happy to be eating.
    A gym near me (linked to my work) does pilates on Tuesday nights. I used to love Pilates, but haven’t been to a class in a few years. I am hoping to start this up again soon. I love how you feel afterward.
    It is often hard to love yourself or even be happy with yourself. This is something I have struggled with for years and just as I was truly starting to get over my body issues I now have Drs telling me regularly that my body isn’t good enough and I need to lose weight and be “healthier” because my body won’t conceive. Makes it even harder.
    I probably have to tell myself at least once a day to ‘Pollyanna’ it. I am getting better at it, but sometimes the self doubt sneaks in there.
    What you are doing is not an easy journey, but I have noticed a slight tone change when you talk about these changes and I think you are really happy with them 🙂 Keep smiling.

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