When you have nothing to say, turn to tabloid hype. 

So, two tabloid newspapers, neither reputable, have posted an opinion piece suggesting that the school day run from 9am to 6pm. You can read the article here: 

Silly Article
It’s generating conversation on Facebook; kids and teachers equally alarmed. There are some almost sensible arguments in it and then there is plenty of nonsense in it. The research isn’t thorough, nor is it academic. Overall, I think it is ridiculous. It highlights how little the broader public really understands about what being a teacher realistically entails. 

I’m shaking my head. Not too hard. I know there is no chance of this model being adopted in Australia. It was knocked flat in the UK. Because, it is ridiculous. 

The article mentions that teachers are paid for a 25 hour working week. Lol. No we aren’t. We are paid a salary. It’s not per hour and it’s not for a 25 hour working week. 

We are expected to fulfill our duties irrespective of the amount of time required to do it, and yes, that often means we work well beyond the hours that children attend school. And, yes, we are expected to fulfill many roles outside of the provision of content to children. Lol. But we aren’t paid for that. Nor are we trained for that. 

She is right. The current model for education is not appropriate for this generation of learners. Her model is also not right. Conversation should be had but those that aren’t educators shouldn’t really be included in it; they don’t have the necessary corporate knowledge. 

Tabloid media, sensationalism at its core, needs to well and truly butt out of education. In my opinion. 


2 thoughts on “When you have nothing to say, turn to tabloid hype. 

  1. The real problem here is differentiating between what a school based education and what general education is, these days school are increasingly being made accountable for the general growth and up bringing of a child, a task that was normally taken by the parent whilst school based education was largely focused on preparing the student to enter the workforce or higher learning, if you want the teacher to be the parent then you need to pay them sufficiently to do that.
    Education should be a partnership between parents, teachers and communities unfortunately these days it is becoming a common trait to dump it at the school gate and expect the teaching day to magically stretch to cover it

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