The Drive to Work 

I have been listening to podcasts on the way to work and the voices in my head on the way home recently. I have been enjoying the solitude to process my day and breathe in the calm of the open fields. 

This morning I was struck, at some point, by how grateful I am for the journey that has been my life to this point. There is always some type of madness in my life but I am blessed to be living it. 

And more than that, I am grateful for the continual stream of opportunities that I have created by following my heart’s yearnings. Initially they all seemed like phases but together, they have created business potential and considerable choice for me. 

I am generally positive about life and I generally understand that there is a reason for everything. But I also firmly believe that during the dark days, we need to share our grief. It can help others as well as permit you to feel less disconnected/isolated. 

The key to movement in a positive way is gratitude. And I am grateful that I practice it. 

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