Grieving is an unpredictable process 

It’s been a big week. And a difficult week in so many ways. I am emotionally exhausted. And through all of the events of this week I have had a quieter but ever present reel of dialogue and emotion playing in the background. 

I know that grieving is a process. And I know that it is normal for triggers to release more healing opportunities as your footing becomes more solid, each time your footing becomes more solid. And I know that one day the triggers for a broken heart will become less because I will have made complete peace with the loss. 

But this week I have been very sensitive to babies, talk of babies, talk of miscarriage, talk of pregnancy. This week I have wanted to curl up in a corner and just cry my heart out. 

And I haven’t. 

Until my drive home just now. 

I left my location quite suddenly. I could feel a shift in energy and knew I wasn’t going to be productive in that environment. It was time to leave. Tiredness suggests I shouldn’t have even gone out tonight. But, meh, it was dinner with extended family. 

Shortly into the night conversation turned to pregnancy and miscarriage. And this week, I’m not as at peace as I have been. These types of conversation have created underlying anxiety for me this week. My miscarriage has been tormenting me. 

More than that though, it has also given rise to a recurring series of decisions I make in phases. Quite probably the real issue that I need to resolve/learn from/be at peace with. 

I am not very good at all about talking about my issues. I don’t make much time for them. I made one attempt to talk this week, and that was successful but probably too short. So, I’m getting better. 

But the worrying aspect of me not talking is that I think it connects to my fear of being vulnerable, and then shunned, which would elevate my lack of feeling of self worth and value. There is a recess in my mind that tells me continually (and I foolishly listen) that I am here to serve others. That is my purpose and where my worth and value as a human being resides. 


Intellectually I know this is bollocks. Emotionally … Hmmm. And so, in a week where I probably needed to hide in the forest, I have continually given of myself, even when I didn’t want to or wasn’t up to it. And not one of those situations has been successful. I have depleted what energy I had and I have been involved in several instances where I have laid things out as I have seen them in a cold manner. 

And that doesn’t help anyone. 

When I have said I need a break or I really can’t do that, I have allowed myself to be coerced into acting against my better judgement. Because I am here to serve others. And the underlying dialogue to that is, I am not worth as much as you and my needs aren’t as important as yours.

And no good has come of it. 

Oprah, I’m hearing the whisper now 😉. 

7 thoughts on “Grieving is an unpredictable process 

  1. You have my condolences on your loss. Time does help, but the emotional scars will always remain. Often times, we try to rush the healing process. No one likes to hurt. However, there has to be time to heal. Pain will wash over us like a wave of water. With each pass, it will dwindle. If tears should come, let them fall. But, never dwell on the pain. Let it pass. With time you will heal, and you will grow stronger. Hang in there. 🙂

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  2. Oh amiga mia, I have a feeling the short bursts of anger, then opening yourself up via yoga have opened the floodgates of the body memory of loss. What does one do with that? Crying is good, continuing to give people heck so they don’t ask you to do stuff for them is another, maybe trying to write letters to your grief, or to communicate with your child, perhaps that would help give a voice to all components and you could see a more holistic view of your experience, and possibly help you to move through the grief. Big big hug to you xx

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  3. Savvy commentary – I was enlightened by the details – Does anyone know if my assistant might be able to get a fillable My Life Planning Workbook document to fill out ?

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