Teen Violence 

I was sent a link to a video. An hour ago in the community I teach in, not involving my school’s current students (thankfully), a group of girls took to the local streets to fight. The video shows that they were prepared for violence by bringing a variety of weapons. 

The actual fighting in the three minute clip I viewed was minimal. The language, grandstanding and shouts for blood from the many bystanders, was not. The bystanders were yahooing and laughing. 

I find their behaviour more reprehensible than the behaviour of the fighters. Mostly because I think that without an audience, there would have been no fight. Without the video that has been posted and shared almost 2000 times in an hour, the behaviour would not be as revered. 
It is disgusting. 

What are we letting happen to our communities, our world and to our children? On what planet have these kids been raised that they think this is appropriate behaviour? And, where on earth were the adults? And why weren’t the police called? 

Bloody hell. 

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