I am taking a break from setting my new treadmill up because I have a headache and the treadmill is annoying me. Having said that, kudos and gratitude to my neighbour who bolted out of his house to help me lift the huge box into my house. Thanks Isaac! 

I was chatting to a colleague aka one of my best friends today. Through our discussion I started to realise what’s going on with me regarding my short bursts (referred to last week). 

A new stage of empowerment. 

I cannot hide my perceived truths. Physically can’t stop my mouth and brain from ambushing my sensitivity. I feel that I’m right about everything that I say and so it must be said.

I know this is not socially compliant. The balance will come when I settle into the new persona. The improved version of myself, I am hoping. And I think it connects to me finally starting to accept that I am valuable and worth hearing. It’s an interesting transition. 

And it started as I started to feel healthier in my own skin. And then people started to comment. And then I would eat garbage. And then I would tell myself off. And now I’m just being honest. Everywhere. 

I hope I find the balance soon. 

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