That feeling of total calm 

For years I have wanted to find the courage within me to attend a yoga class. Thanks to a recommendation from a great and long time friend (almost thirty years – holy fuck), tonight I did. 

And I will never look back. 

I am so blissfully at peace, and deliriously happy. I loved feeling my body stretch. I loved breathing deeply as it did. I loved trying something new. So much easier with an instructor than from a DVD. 

Small group in an ideal location. The instructor has a workshop, beautifully decorated, at the back of her house, amidst a beautiful, luscious, green yard. I felt at home. Prayer flags and solar lanterns in the yard. Rocks and namaste hangings. 

Something I envision for my own business one day. 

A vision of inspired potential. 

Blissfully happy. Deliriously calm. Focused. Centred. Well. 

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