Defying Gravity

So, the last few days I’ve felt a deep desire to play Defying Gravity from Wicked. Every day I have played the song, letting it wash over me. I love the stage show. LOVE it. When I saw it in London a fair few years ago, it stirred something deep within my psyche. Something resonated; something shifted. 

I came home from that trip to Europe and started my journey to have a baby. 

Six years later I have said goodbye to that journey and find myself listening, every morning, to Defying Gravity.

And today I worked out why. 

It is my life’s theme song; permission to walk against the crowd, permission to live my life my way, permission to not follow the normal stages. 

And it has freed me. 

This morning something has shifted. An acceptance that I’m okay just as I am. That we all are. That whatever path we are on, accepted by society or not, is okay, because it is our path. 

As long as we’re happy … 

I hope you are. 

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