And the cruise continues …

Today we are docked in Napier. Napier was felled by a earthquake in the nineteen thirties. As a result, the land rose by a couple of metres and extended into the sea by about the metres. When they rebuilt, offering nearby prisoners pardons if they helped, the town was built in the Art Deco style, maintained today in the main street. 
Interesting features include the beautiful colour of the water, pebble beach and the Six Sisters, a series of six old houses on the road facing the beachfront, named this way because six girls each received a house from their father. The houses are double storey cottages. Gorgeous. And the gardens. Amazing. Small and manicured but immensely welcoming. Part way down the main street bells are hosted in the garden and every half hour they play a range of children’s tunes. Beautiful. 

Tracey and I independently experienced a traveller beware moment as we walked from our shuttle bus. Mine happened first. I felt a prickle of danger and moved my phone from my free swinging hand to my handbag and pulled my handbag to my front. Thinking I was overreacting I didn’t say anything. 

Not two minutes later, Trace said to me that she didn’t trust a guy who was walking near us but she felt bad because she felt she might be misjudging him. I asked who. She pointed out the same guy. 

I shared my story and reminded her that her intuition is never wrong, especially when it comes to people of dubious integrity. 

Next time I’ll say something and trust mine too. 

Having said that, that was our first ick experience. We have met so many wonderful characters on this journey. New Zealand’s people are responsive to tourists and most have bent over backwards to ensure we have a great time. 

They epitomise what Australians were once renowned for. Before we became scared of everything slightly different. 

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