Lunch is over … 

And not only that, I’ve arrived home to feed my Facebook addiction to read that another female journalist has come out swinging. She believes that she is empowered when men grab her on the arse. And attacked the female journalist for not making a stronger point for all women by rebuking the cricketer publicly, even though she acknowledges the shock for the journalist that this even happened. 

She also attacks the media, social media and bloggers (I added this by extension) for not letting the issue die as the female journalist has requested. 

Irony and contradiction throughout. 

And now we have the whole double standard debate. When a female journalist openly flirted with a male swimmer no one batted an eye lid. The female journalist’s behaviour in this case is unprofessional, in my opinion.

However, the difference between the two situations is that she was in control of making herself look ditzy for want of a better word and the man she was interviewing did not look surprised or uncomfortable. There is no double standard because the contexts and the impact on the so called victims, again for want of a better word, are completely different. 

Every situation needs to be addressed on its own merits and that includes taking into consideration the impact on the individuals involved. 

People need to get a grip. They also need to stop being the proverbial sheep. 

The cricketer behaved badly. He received consequences. Let’s stop the victim shaming. Let’s pretend we are educated adults. 

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