A Controversy and an Opinion

It concerns me how many Australians on social media are quick to judge and be nasty to others. I know this isn’t an Australian trait but happens almost everywhere in the first world but I see it most here. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a lot of opinions. I am conscious of what goes on around me in my community as well as my broader society and world. I deliberate what I think before anyone usually hears it. And most of my opinions stem from my core philosophy. 

I firmly believe that all people, regardless of gender, race, socio-economic status, culture, are equal and deserve access to opportunity. This is probably one of my strongest core philosophies. I also add different species to this list but that’s an opinion/argument for another day. 

There was an incident two days ago at the Big Bash Cricket. A player was being interviewed by a female, very attractive journalist and he flirted with her. She was obviously surprised and moved through the rest of the interview quickly. He continued his flirting despite her discomfort. 

It was a live interview and social media went into a frenzy. The journalist appeared on a popular news program last night to basically say that she had been impressed by his innings on the field and had hoped to talk about that, and was taken aback by his overt flirting, but it was time to move on. The Cricket Board has fined him $10000. 

Well, everyone has an opinion. And I’m okay with that as long as their opinion is the same as mine 😜 or at least, well considered. 

What I struggle with are the attacks levelled at the journalist that suggest that she should be flattered that someone of his stature chose to acknowledge how attractive she was, that it is her fault that he was fined, that she has made a big deal out of nothing, that if a female chooses to work in a male dominated field she needs to put up with this type of behaviour or change jobs, and that she must be a lesbian to not be turned on by him. 

Seriously. These are some of the ignorant and ill-informed comments that were making the rounds on social media last night. Yes, I know, but I’m on holidays and needing to spar. 

What concerns me more, is the amount of women who were attacking the journalist and then being cheered on by males. And that more men were supportive of the journalist than women (she is attractive and intelligent but what if she wasn’t attractive – after all, our first female PM was attacked by both genders fairly equally and most would consider her less attractive, the media in particular). 

Any women that defended the journalist were told that they were feminists, as if this is an insult, and the men were called gay. Again, as if this is an insult. 

Orwell’s proles catapult to mind. 

I teach. I do not like ignorance. Ignorance in this highly connected world is unacceptable to me. People who regurgitate media propaganda are the epitome of this. 

Victim shaming if you are female is becoming a terrifying norm. 

I need to go out to lunch so will need to continue this when I get home. Ugh. So frustrated. 

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