New Year’s Day 

I have nothing to say lol. Foolishly, I have decided to blog every day that I am on Australian soil for January and February this year. Last year I decided to blog every day in August and I met that challenge. 

I didn’t publicise it which took pressure off meeting it. So, why am I advertising it this year? 

Good question. 

I have nothing else to say? Unusually.

I saw 2016 in with my fur kids and we had a great night watching sad movies. This lead to an epiphany about why I no longer like celebrating NYE. 

I’m single and all of the places I would celebrate these days are filled with couples. It’s always great until midnight and then the lone or token singleton feels lone and singleton. Awwwwkward. So, without realising, I avoided it. 


Went to visit my very good friends today who I am cruising to New Zealand with and we started organising our port visits. 


We had Thai for dinner, which I haven’t had in ages, and I LOVE, and then I drove home. Through Menangle. Wide open inviting skies with summer clouds brush strokes across a perfectly blue sky and the hint of pink in the distance as the sun commenced setting. 


And I couldn’t help feeling positively blessed. 

A beautiful day. A perfect day. 

And I have nothing to say? Methinks I lie 😜

Happy new year everyone. I hope this is your best thus far. 

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