Practicing Gratitude

As much as I am not a fan of December these years, I still practice gratitude every day. It has been an interesting year.

A quick decision to go to New York resulted in a dream coming true, a dream that keeps giving. The memories and decisions I made in New York – wow, life changing.

I reconnected with many old friends. Time separated some of us, conflict others, life experience for some. But the waters are still again. My close friendships feel stable and solid, and once close friendships are soldered.

I learned more about myself, and the processes of healing from IVF, especially the length of the journey, and I am sure it is not completely over yet. I learned that people and time with people is more important than things. I learned that I love my job, I love my school but I really do need more balance.

I started a writing course (yet to finish). I initiated my business. I have a plan forward for both for 2016, and feel that life is on track. I applied to become a foster carer, to be resolved in March 2016. I moved house, and location. I cleaned my desk and classroom at work (doesn’t sound like much but it was messy). And we have initiated Reading to Learn training through our school for 2016.

A year of consolidation and a year of beginnings. A year of transformation and of initiations. A year of connection and of reconnection. A year of discovery and a year of renewed direction. A year of defending and strengthening my sense of self-worth and value, sometimes bordering on arrogance (proudly, because I am that good lol).

All in all, a great year. One of the best. I love getting older. I love claiming who I am. I love that I stand by what I believe in more freely and with less guilt. I love that I am compassionate towards others and manifest this as often as I can in action. I love that life is unknown, that I don’t know exactly where I will be this time next year – will there be a child or children running through this house? Will it still be just me and my fur kids?

Will I still feel this blessed? This happy? This passionate about my life?

Here’s to finding out …

Merry Christmas – I hope you and your families feel loved, safe and happy.



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