When things don’t go your way

It is very easy to stop breathing and sulk. But I think I’m almost perfectly to the point where I perceive every ‘failure’ as a different opportunity. I still feel the sadness and the loss, but I quickly move beyond that to a place of calm. 

Recently I applied for a job that I really wanted. I didn’t even get an interview. Initially I felt the sting. But it didn’t last because a couple of days later a much better opportunity presented itself. 

I find that this has always happened. 

I couldn’t conceive with IVF so I’ve moved into fostering. If I am unsuccessful there I will apply to do my doctorate in writing. 

I have found that having many different goals, many different plans, affords me with the freedom now to not get stuck. I keep moving forward. Sometimes I move slower, but my pace will always pick up when it is ready to. 

I have also developed my trust in fate, for want of a better word. 

I am, and I am going, exactly where I am meant to be/go. If something goes wrong, if something is delayed, there is a reason. And that reason is that I am meant to be elsewhere. I trust …


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