The Lure of the Dream

The magnetic pull of NewYork City was so strong for me before I went in July. But I now realise that that pull was nothing compared to the constant yearning I feel now. 

Every time I watch a show or movie filmed in NYC I scour the streets for familiarity. And in the last few days everything reminds me of home. 

Ten days. Ten days transformed my heart and my soul. And the longing I feel. I imagine writing and travelling; my base between Sydney and New York City. I imagine going to readings. Courses. Bryant Park. Central Park. Tiffany’s. 



I was wholly me. I was wholly happy. Fulfilled. Beyond what I could ever believe was possible. 

And I miss that. 

Probably more so in times of pain. New York City, somewhat ironically, has become my utopia. 

My safe place. The place where dreams can come true. 

And hardship is overcome. 


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