The Power of the Teacher

I wrote yesterday that I am an outstanding teacher. Yep, you read right. I said I was an outstanding teacher on a public document. 

And I meant it. 

And today I saw evidence of it. 

It really is so very important that we choose resources that will engage, inspire and challenge our kids. It really doesn’t matter what you teach; there can be no excuses. 

I’m an English teacher. I will admit, it is really really easy for us. But a few weeks ago I taught a beginning lesson on Trigonometry to a Year 9 Maths class and I was outstanding in there too. Not a top class; a class with some ferals (said with absolute love). 

I read the teacher’s PowerPoint and worked out what it was and went for it. The PowerPoint was amazing but I didn’t use it. 

I asked them to write down the foundation principles of what we would be covering. They did. 

Then I explained some examples. I asked them to write them down. They did. 

Then I asked some questions to ascertain the level of understanding. Some got it, some didn’t. 

So, then I asked three students to stand up. They became a right angled triangle. I labelled them. I asked the questions again. More kids started to get it. We kept going until most got it. 

Then we wrote the process together on the board. 

It’s about pitching it to the audience in front of you. Tailoring it directly to them. 

If you don’t, they won’t get it. 

Today my Year 8 class watched Jane Eliot’s A Class Divided. Old film footage but the experiment captured the imagination and social justice mentality of my class. So, then we watched Waleed Ally’s spiel on ISIL from the other night. 

Got ’em. Completely. 

Man I love teaching. And I am outstanding in any classroom. 


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