The Value of Professional Learning and Dialogue

I had a brilliant day today. My Head Teacher organised for all of us to go to a local high school with 35 other English teachers and simulate HSC marking across different aspects of the NSW English HSC courses. 

I think I’m a good teacher. It’s taken me a long time to get there but I’m there now. Saying it and believing it, I mean. I was probably one of the oldest teachers there today which always surprises me a little (because I am still so immature lol) and that raised an issue for me. 

I really should be a substantive Head Teacher – I am more than capable. I actually think I should be a Deputy Principal, but my career has been delayed. Everything in its own time. 

Besides that, the value of today lies in the professional dialogue that days like today inspire and nurture. It is also reassuring to know that I know what I’m doing, including with Extension 2. 

And it was refreshing to see other teachers who possess that same humility. There was no ego today and it isn’t often you encounter that at these things. It ran smoothly, not overdoing any of the sessions. It was enough. 

If only the bureaucratic structures that exist in education would realise how important building in time for professional dialogue truly is. It is in that dialogue that teachers move from good to great. 

I feel revitalised and ready to finish reports so that I can work on my CV. 

2 thoughts on “The Value of Professional Learning and Dialogue

  1. Hi Tina,
    Sounds like a great day like there should be more of.
    Go for the CV and what you wrote about really wanting to be a DP reminds me of a conversation we had forever ago when you were still studying masters. Maybe it where you should end up one day.

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