A Quickie

Firstly, I love clean floors. They change the tone of a whole house. 

Secondly, I was chatting to one of my surrogate daughters and had an epiphany. 

It was about questions: why did they die? Why am I always sad? Why do bad things happen to me? Etcetera etcetera. 

I ask those questions when bad things happen. I think most of us do. But I then move on to other questions that put me in control of my life. 

How do I move on?

How do I turn this into a positive?

What can I do to ensure this doesn’t happen again? 

I think this is what helps me turn negatives into less negatives and positives. Would like to delve more into this at some point but need to cook dinner and do a heap of school work – yuck. 

Teachers so don’t work 9 to 3. Especially in Term 4. Budgets, allocations, reports, marking, and the list goes on …

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