A Fostering Update 

I am still processing … 

On Monday afternoon I hosted the assessor, a prac student and lovely Vessna from The Benevolent Society for my first at home visit in the fostering application process. I was nervous. I can control 600 teenagers easily but not a three year old dog that I have raised. Doesn’t look good lol 😳. 

It was intensive. We discussed why I want to foster and went into detail. Still processing and I really am struggling to recall and/or find the words. I am making it an overwhelming process hehe, but in fairness to me, only because I hate failing and I struggle that I failed at becoming a birth mum. Even though I truly believe this is my path. 

The appointment lasted for two and a half hours. The girls are all lovely and I am very grateful for that. 

We discussed components of my Life Story and my current work as a teacher, and all the way through I tried to provide examples from my life and my practice to support my responses. I think I am taking it all a bit too seriously. 

I think I am at peace … finally … at accepting that even if I only have a foster child for a short period of time, I will have made a positive impact. And that lasts forever. I can live with that. 

It is unlikely I will, if successful, foster a 0-4 year old. Changes in Australian adoption legislation ensure that this age range is more available for adoption rather than long term foster care, and I also think I am alright with that. I am really maturing into this as time passes. And I am grateful for the slow pace because I am able to process and question thoroughly. 

The girls informed me on Monday that whilst they interview me and take extensive notes, they needed to meet with the main assessor for approval to take me to the next phase. They try to ensure that everything is covered comprehensively to ensure success at Panel – where the ultimate decision is made regarding my suitability to become a foster carer. 

Today I found out that I have been approved to go through to the next phase. Sam, my assessor, will contact me to organise the next appointment. 

Maybe I am going to get the opportunity to be a ‘mum’. 

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