Goodbye Holidays

Into the last few hours of daylight and holidays before school goes back tomorrow. 

Happily, I am organised for my classes. As much as I can be before the event. With the exception of this week, I am also resolved to come home at a reasonable time three days out of five for as many weeks as I can. Obviously there are events already planned that ensure this can’t be every single week but where possible, I aim to come home and take Max for a walk. 

I’ve also been thinking that I need to set up a timetable of sorts for myself. I suggest it to my students all of the time. Not a rigid timetable where every second is accounted for but more like, Monday’s are for my business and writing my course. Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s are school. Thursday’s are for massage and shopping. Friday’s are for writing. Leading in to fairly open weekends (having said that, all of October and most of November is booked). 

I am hoping to also go back to a mostly juice diet. I have never felt as good as I did on that juice reboot. I just need to get organised in purchasing the vegetables – I don’t like the quality in supermarkets so buy from the fruit shop at the Square near work. Thursday’s. Lol. 

I am also hoping to turn the television off. Not all of the time but man, it sucks leisure time like nothing else. 

Oh, and I am hoping to be strong in my resolution to keep putting myself first. This will be the hardest; changing decades of pattern and behaviour.

Happy Term 4/march to Christmas! 


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