Mother is always right 

So, mum and I were talking, have several times in the last couple of weeks, and she kept saying, just wait to see what happens, and like every child I was armed with my reasons why I wasn’t going to wait for anything anymore. IVF made me wait for year after year, and I stopped living. 

And as you know, in the last week I have made decision after decision after decision. Life will be lived. Goddammit it will be lived. Lol. 

I woke this morning with an epiphany. A scroll was running through my mind. Everything that I want to do. And I remembered I work full time. And I’m going to be a foster mum. And I’m starting a business. And I’m studying. And I want to study more to add to my business. 

And my doctorate is going to have to wait. 


Because last night I really got stuck into coming up with a research question. And I am happy with the direction. 

So bring on my ten year plan. Five if I’m not successful with my foster care application. 

Mothers are always right. Mother figures are always right. I thought I’d learned this. 

The reminder hasn’t hurt. 

Enjoy the heat that is this long weekend in Australia. Thirty degrees at 10am in Thirlmere. 

Writing day today. 

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